Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yesterday's Deployment meeting during the Liberty plenary was once again interesting and lively.

It seems these always go the same way when non-members attend: First technology "challenge" i.e. how it works, does it actually work and so on, then deployment experiences and finally everything always ends up with the non-technical discussion and the core challenge: Business and Policy guidelines.

Once people get pass the point of understanding and believing the technical solution, they realize the challenges related to the creation of Circles of Trust (CoT). Who defines the business agreements (liability is a big concern), how are those enforced etc...... Who defines policies like how can information be distributed and used etc....

Liberty has done some really great work on producing high level guidelines, but to really solve this problem vertical sectors need to get together and define the more detailed business and policy documents needed. Nobody except the people in the midst of a specific business know the legal, policy, privacy etc... needs.

Biggest challenges in the use of Federated technology are around non- technical business, policy and privacy issues. In solving these technology can only help, but not solve them.

Picture is from the panel discussion which concluded the day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Openning up the new channel while attending Liberty Alliance meeting in Chicago. No, this doesn't mean I haven't had anything interesting to listen to in Chigaco :-). The Deployment and Identity Theft workshops (see Liberty front page up right) are very interesting.